John, the Man.

Can I say that I knew John, the Man?

All his secrets?  Deepest wishes?  What was nestled there, right there, inside the man?

Well, there’s one thing I KNOW I know I can say about the man:

 I think we all know about John.  I think we all know about John….He had:

Strong Hands and a Strong Mind.

Strong Will for living life, sneaking up and grabbin’ it from behind!

Strong Voice.  He was Strong Kind.

And I know that we all can say that we loved the man.


Three weeks after his passing, he came to visit me.  Was it just a dream, wishful thinking, my imagination? Doesn’t matter!  It’s what you believe!  He said:

“I’m watching over you. You KNOW I love you!

And to all the people that I loved,  he told me to sing:

Cheers!    Probst!     L’Chaim!      Sauté!     Chin-chin!

Cowabunga!   Hey!   Yeeeahhhhh.

Man, Oh Manischewitz!    It’s been so damn good to know ya!”


Can I really say that I knew John, the Man?

Can I say I lived a full life with a beautiful wife, 7 loving children and some really good friends?   To the so many people that I love, he told me to sing.

  ~ In honor of my father, John Colby Kittrell Sr., who would be 94 this Saturday.   Here are the lyrics to the song I wrote and played at his Memorial service.  Here is a video of me performing the song back in 2012, at the Olde Towne Tavern in Buckhead, Georgia.






Best results occur when object is used for Love.

Einstein champions it; schools endorse it.  Imagination is generally accepted as a very positive power to possess.  It’s encouraged, to develop better ideas, cures for the sick,  and new technologies.

My personal experience with imagination has been very different.  You see, I spontaneously imagine things half the time I’m awake, ALL day, every day.    These spontaneous scenes I imagine always come in great detail: all the senses are represented.

Sound like an awesome ability that I should exploit in world of business and creativity?

Definitely.          And……NO.

  My imaginings can also be filled with the underbelly of humankind, people doing horrible things to each other, images I wish I could unsee.

Some people who know me would probably find it hard to believe that the driving force in my life has been to be a Realist.  I don’t appear that way from the outside:  It probably looks more like someone who just likes the sound of his own voice.  A flibbertigibbet flitting from this fancy idea to the next, “totally random, dude!”

I even believed that about myself for awhile.

What you were actually seeing, if you were watching me go about the business of living, was a mind constantly REIGNING IN my Imagination.  You see, when I went to those darker places where humans hide things, it was no fun and games.  What’s more, at a later date, I would read, hear about or actually see a true to life incident reflective of what I had imagined.  Am I psychic?  No.  Just as often, it never comes true.

Are you convinced yet? Still insist that Imagination is a positive thing?     GOOD. Because the Reality check needs you and your other way of seeing things.  I need you.

I say I’m a Realist because I see both the hopeful and the sorrowful; I’ve always seen the world as an endless yin-yang ball of energy.  I would even go so far as to claim it could be mathematically exactly 50% desirable, and 50% not so much.

What to do with this blessing?  This curse!

  When I told a friend about this 50/50 perfect balance theory, he said:

“So, you got 50/50.  You’re still an optimist, Will, cuz after you look at both sides, which one do you actually choose?  Something positive, Am I right?!”

That’s pretty true, mostly, even though it doesn’t change the fact that I may have just  spent hours in a very negative place.  But I DO see my friend’s point: ironically, right now, I am trying to imagine a positive conclusion to this piece.

Here is what I came up with:

WARNING:  Keep close watch over Imagination.  Over-use of object harmful to your health.  Can be used against another human being in a most effective destructive manner.  Young children should not run with it, and may exhibit violent reactions when you try to take it away from them.  Best results occur when object is used for love or to aid the needy.




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