Sing It~ Even if no one is listening.

Even when you’re broken inside~

You need to pick up that instrument and Sing.

Let your overwhelming emotions crack your voice on the way out!

Swallow whole words with a gulp of shame,

but move forward to the chorus and refrain.

Scream out your last-ever death cry, and scream it LOUD!

It doesn’t matter if no one is listening:

The singing is for YOU, to help you remove all the blockages,

loosen your congestion, release the toxins in your tears.

Even though you are broken ~ No. Especially when you’re broken~

Stay sitting ~ flat on your back, even~

and sing out your heartbreaking tale.  

It is precisely when you are at your most hopeless that you need to raise up that song and sing it!

Sing it with all its imperfect pitch, forgotten verses; no backup band to help you now.


~ Thank You to my Sherpa friend Andrew, for telling me I should try writing brief, maybe more abstract posts.  It felt good to boil things down as if I was running out of time. 

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